These are the 3D printing technologies that are on the table and what you can expect from them

3D printing

3D printing is one of the major trends of recent years in the technological field. In fact we are seeing gradually as the consumer market different models of 3D printer that you can buy through both online and in department stores come.

However, 3D printing has much more behind than it seems at first instance. For comparison it is as if we were talking about cars, a huge field and have different subtypes such as electric, hybrid or petroleum fuel (diesel/petrol/LPG).

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Rapid prototyping technologies: 3D Printing


In the process of designing a product there is a controversy that involves finding a compromise: on one hand do many iterations in a product costs more money to do a few, but the number of errors decreases. On the other hand find the error in more advanced stages of the design process and production costs much more (such as a malformed array).

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