How to prepare my files for printing billboards?

How to prepare my files for printing billboards

There are different types of advertising and materials used for the same fences.

In this case we will talk about the typical  billboards we see on the roads.

Depending on the time you want the graph to be present in the billboard will use one material or another, for example, if the campaign lasts a month, you will use  paper and whether it should stay six months can use  adhesive vinyl.

How to prepare my files for printing billboardsHow do I prepare the files?

It is best to prepare them to 1/1 scale.

But being large format  file can be scaled, for example half, a quarter or whatever size by extending us the final size but  always proportional.

The file can be vector, in this case the texts must be drawn.

In case of image, expand it to its final format, the resolution will have to give between 100 and 150 dpi

The texts should not be along the edges, it is advisable to leave some distance you should keep in mind that the graphics will be seen from a great distance.

One trick to see how it will in the distance is just on your computer, use the zoom and zoom out, so we can see small and get a rough idea.


Size:  1/1 (or proportional) scale.

Bleeding:  + 1 mm (when the scale is 1/1).

Cutmarks:  should not exist.

File: PDF

Resolution: The ideal solution for large image files format resolution is between  100 and 150 dpi

Paneling:  We handle the overlap and paneling, cutting pieces by software.

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