If you put a Christmas tree at home, to be one printed in 3D lint

3D Printer

At this time sure many of you will have the Christmas tree installed at home. If not your case, and I like this time, we suggest that if you have a 3D printer download one tridimensonal model and if you follow the advice of Richard Zhang will succeed in doing so taking advantage of the filament coil to the maximum without throwing a single gram plastic trash.

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Our clothes can also be printed

3D Printing

The three-dimensional printing may seem to have little in common with sustainability – at first glance, nothing – but the rapid prototyping process entails a series of amazing eco-benefits. One of the most innovative technology uses ultraviolet rays to melt layers of recyclable thermoplastic powder without any waste of the base material. Centralized production manages to reduce travel times, less work, and reduces production time to a few hours rather than weeks or months. All this while reducing costs and result in a better use of available resources.

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