Print pedigrees, Planning and documents Large Format

Print pedigrees, Planning and documents Large Format

Sometimes our Excel files (family trees, documents) or planning acquire large formats and print them on paper we review them both to dispose of them.

How many times it has one or more of our Excel occupy a large number of rows and / or columns and finally, review all information on the screen is more tired, you get lost or simply want to have on paper.
Print pedigrees, Planning and documents Large FormatOne way to have the document in a tangible way to see it or correct it by hand with pen or colored markers, is printed, but of course, there comes a time when our desktop printer or print it to us by parties and is crazy or size of print setting is so minimal that we can not distinguish the text.
Planning programs allow lots of them, to export the document to PDF which is how we ought to send.
In the latest versions of Office also lets us save documents in PDF, but you have to check later that it has exported all correctly on a single sheet. In this case if you is very complex, you can provide us the Excel document and we’ll print it.
Adapting an Excel spreadsheet with lots of information to be printed is a subject that would take me a post or two, so if you see interesting you mention me and I’ll upload it gladly.
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Mobile and 3D printing – What you can print for your phone?

3D Printing

3D printing technology is going strong. Although some of the techniques were developed in the 80s and are used industrially for a long time, the first domestic 3D printers are relatively new, so we have even just leaning out of a universe that sets before us a virtually infinite possibilities. So anyone who decides to get one of them you can make in your own home a huge range of parts in materials such as ABS plastic or PLA, a biodegradable polymer hard enough.

Precisely, this is what really makes this technology attractive the possibility of making virtually any object we imagine ourselves, or use as a model parts we find on the Internet. The possibilities are endless decorative figurines, home accessories, toys, shoes, cases for your mobile phone … Yes, even can design and manufacture a sleeve that fits like a glove to our smartphone, among many other applications. Let’s look at this technology.

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Ultrascope is a robotic telescope that can print yourself in 3D and using a Lumia 1020!

3D Printer

Astronomy buffs are in luck. A London group of experts in the manufacture of telescopes designed and developed a system for building a robotic telescope from a 3D printer. His project, published Open Source license provides access to a telescope of high performance at a ridiculous cost compared to its performance.

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Scientists create the first human “Print” vein


3d technology never ceases to amaze, but this time has stepped into another dimension. We have seen printers that print in rock, blues create aliens, armor superhero or functional parts of any kind. This time the technology has taken a step beyond the labor of scientists working with Organovo Novogen, the first printer capable of printing human veins.

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