Print magazines from a single unit

Print magazines from a single unit
We often think that when print magazines only do professionals and companies making large print runs.
Indeed it is what most usually do, but digital printing of magazines is available to everyone , because we can print from a single unit.
That is why many people charge us more and shorter runs.
Print magazines from a single unitWhat for magazine printing is used in short runs?
Curriculum, Book, Portfolio, Fanzine, catalogs, books Mass, newsletter, projects, final projects, company presentations, product catalog, school magazines, personal, comic books, poetry, illustration, studios, price list, school work …
How do I prepare the file to print a magazine?
It’s simple, forget about riding the leaves or transpose, or if the blade 3 has to go with the 6 NOTHING!
That you prepare a PDF to print size with its neat as any document leaves, 1, 2, 3, … That if you have to be multiples of 4. And if you want a page is blank, us you add also in place.
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