LIX, pen for 3D printing world’s thinnest


Lix Pen is the pen for 3D printing smaller and thinner in the world, a slim and easy to handle three-dimensional printer that places between the fingers of the users an excellent tool for drawing and designing.

Let’s talk of three-dimensional printers and produce their own objects, this time shifting the attention away from the more common concept of 3D printing. This broad and multifaceted category of machinery is able to create other products in addition to “simple” three-dimensional models in plastic.

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SwissPen: Pen – 3d printer

3D Printers

If we believed that the traditional Swiss Army knife had reached the summit of “take-anything-in-my-pocket” has come a gadget that wants to revolutionize the 3D home printing. Leveraging the wake of the 3Doodler, known as the first printer 3d pen, the direct competitor appears SwissPen. Like its predecessor, SwissPen works by extruding plastic preheated allows us to go any 3d drawing freehand design. But, what makes it different from the previous? For accuracy obtained through the Swiss engineering course design.

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