New Matter Mod-T, low-cost 3D printer: $ 199

3d Printing

3D printers have spent several years in headlines and catalogs professional but not until now that are starting to hit the market, the final consumer.

An example is the case of New Matter Mod-T, a 3D printer that will cost $ 249. In fact, the company is seeking financing via indiegogo and has offered a limited number of units at $ 149 and $ 199 for the first to support the project.

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Cheapest 3D printer: MOD-t


About two years ago we published an article on “cheap” 3D printers all for less than 20,000 €. Today’s article presents consumer-oriented 3D printers for less than 900 €. The printer in question now belongs to the New Matter company that has launched a campaign on Indiegogo crowfunding presales for your printer, Mod-t the incredible price of $ 149 for the first five hundred participants. For the next thousand, the price will rise to $ 199. Once these first units out of the printer may be purchased at a price of $ 249. This great price makes the MOD-t the most affordable domestic 3D printer on the market today.

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