3D Printers “home”: Thing-O-Matic

3D printer

Usually in this blog we talk about printing technologies used in small, medium and large companies, but today however we will make a pitch for one of those printers that we can call “home”. In fact, its creators are strong advocates of using it to manufacture the parts we need at home. Suppose we lose a cap, because we print it, we want a bunny toy, as there comes in our personal 3D printer.

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Cube, the new 3d printer for home


3D Systems to give us great news as we begin this year. First, the acquisition of its competitor Z Corporation, and now surprises us with Cube, a personal 3D printer that will delight our readers who can not afford the technology that usually present.

Cube is a printer of the misnamed “plastic” and will launch the American market for the incredible price of $ 1,299 (928 € approx.).

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