3D printing of metallic components with Amaze ESA

3D printing

The European Space Agency is preparing the way to build complex elements in metal at a reduced cost thanks to the technology of 3D printing.

ESA in cooperation with the European Union has started a project to improve the printing of high-quality metal components. “AMAZE” (Additional Manufacturing Aiming toward Zero waste & Efficient production) involving 28 industrial partners across Europe …

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3D printing – ESA designed a stamped-3D to colonize the Moon


Soon astronauts could live the Moon’s surface. The European Space Agency, together with other partners, is designing and developing a system to build a base area via stramp three dimensional.

The colonization of space and some of the celestial bodies of the solar system is one of the most discussed topics in the field of space travel and the dialogue is particularly intense in recent years thanks to some projects of public importance and popular as that of Mars One which aims to establish a permanent colony on the red planet.

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