Medicines on demand thanks to 3D printing, a development with multiple benefits

3D Printing

The use of 3D printers in the medical field is usually associated with prostheses and even organs intended for tests or simulations of operations. But from the School of Pharmacy at the University College London proposed a simple and practical direct use print on demand medication.

As researchers of this center in The Pharmaceutical Journal, 3D printing has significant potential to turn the drug industry to a more individualized and less global model include: a patient comes to the pharmacy and there will be printed according to prescribed drugs your needs.

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Stereolithography applied to the development of skin


Tissue engineering is one of the areas of further research into applications of stereolithography, as the latter allows a good control of the resolution and geometry of the systems required for reproductive tissue and cell culture, commonly known as schaffolds (a word that refers to scaffolds where cells can be grown).

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