Print on Canvas with Wood Frame

Print on Canvas with Wood Frame

For print on canvas it has to take into account the size.

Not the same printing and cutting the size indicated when it will not ride frame when you want to finish with wooden rack installation.

But it is very simple, as you will see below in the picture below where indicated with rectangles of different colors each of the formats that we describe:

Print on Canvas with Wood FrameFORMAT VIEW

The first rectangle ( black colored ) indicates the “form view”.

It will be the final format ( will be delivered cut ) if it will not be rack mounted or format that “see” (have more canvas around ) once placed in the frame.

This size should be explicitly stated when printing canvas.


If the canvas is mounted on the frame, the “form view” is added to a spine.

This may be just white, black, colored or surround image.

It should be noted for its realization.

In scheme it is indicated in red.

SPACE rackmount

In order to place the canvas on wooden frame, but add the “back”, we need a white space around unprinted be tensioned and allowing stapling to wood for the back.

In the picture we see a blue frame.


“Format View” + “lomo” + “space rack mount”

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