A prototype made ​​in Argentina was presented – The Nation

3D printer

One of the notes that are published on the last Monday in the newspaper La Nación , and the product of an intense week in Pure Design Fair. Maxi and Andrei talk about 3D printing and Trimaker Beta.

A combination of chance and opportunity allowed light last week made the first fully 3D printer in Argentina. It was at the Design Fair, which just ended in La Rural, which went on sale a “limited edition” of 42 aircraft.

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3D Printers Argentina: Prices and Features


In blog bet not only the manufacture of 3D printers in Argentina but to the research, development and marketing of hardware, software and materials. That is why we left the market with an innovative product, with a very few different technology used in the world: stereo lithography or DLP. Over time we add a second technology, FDM, the most used worldwide today. This article is a brief summary of the features, prices, advantages and disadvantages of each of the technologies of 3D printers Argentina.

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