3DPrint Hub makes the point on the applications of 3D printing


Grow the potential applications of 3D printing, even in the medical field, to give new answers to the needs of patients.

3D printing and medicine a relationship that could become increasingly close in the future. These hi-tech equipment do miracles and you’re cutting an increasingly significant market, although the pace of growth is not as hoped.

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No magic: applications of 3D printers


“Any sufficiently It advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Is the third law of prediction of the English writer Arthur Clarke. Call it magic, radical paradigm shift or change in the manufacturing industry, the fact is that today 3D printing does not come out of a wand or top hat, is real, and has very specific applications.

Some research users of 3D printers, are hobbyists, artists, professionals who use it as a working tool, industries and educational institutions and “other”.

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