3D Printing – Printing services dimensional Amazon

3D Printing

Amazon has recently announced the opening of a new online service that will appeal in this case the three-dimensional printing. Through the unprecedented store you will be able to create and buy custom objects from jewelery in small instruments.

The three-dimensional printing is slowly gaining ground and, as we have already had several opportunities to say, if it were to catch on would surely be able to change the face of the industry in several ways. Of course there are still obstacles, first of all the cost of entry for such a production method: as 3D printers are getting cheaper this is still a considerable investment.

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Amazon patents a delivery van with a 3D printer


Amazon has filed a patent for a new rapid delivery service. The system, based on 3D printing, comprises a delivery truck for a rapid equipped with a three-dimensional printer.

Amazon, like other big companies of the same caliber – come immediately to mind the names of Google and Apple – is always looking for a new method or element to reshuffle the cards on the table and revolutionize the market.

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