The RGB color mode


RGB is a color model is based on three primary colors, Red, Green and Blue.

This is a color model based on additive synthesis, ie it is possible to represent a color by mixing these three primary colors of light.

The color perception of the human being, has a maximum sensitivity to RGB colors that form the curve. The human eye has two types of light sensitive cells, rods and cones. Cones are responsible for providing information l color.

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New pictures with LED lighting !!


Several of you know our new lighting based on LEDs.

We got pictures with light in just 2 cm. thick!


It is a homogeneous, intense and high energy saving, light up to 70%!

But the most significant and novel in thickness, 2 cm.

And manufacturing the maximum size is 2 x 1.2 mt.! To this extent we can do whatever you want!

The fronts can be printed with the photo you want, and getting a picture with light and can even make the front is folding so easily replace the image.

Thanks to this new system we can get original paintings, photo murals and lamps!

You have some beach photos we have assembled in our facility! Set well in thickness!