Ponoko, implements your designs on more than 1500 different materials

3D Printed

The other day, thanks to this project that you can see further down in this post, I found a company called Ponoko, which created from our designs and the materials we choose the parts needed to make them happen. Whether it’s laser cutting and 3D printing, anything is possible. The advantages of Ponoko are clear: No minimum order, the price can be anything we want instantly produce numerous materials and finishes available, and fast delivery by mail. In this case, we can choose the production and shipment are made from Formulor in Germany, saving import costs and ensuring a faster receipt of materials ready for assembly.

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Become your own Canon EOS 5D Mark II… with a 3D printer!

3D Printed Camera

Have a 3D printer? If so, now you can print your own Canon EOS 5D Mark II as the SLT model files are available on Thing verse.

Obviously it will not be a camera functional pictures but it certainly can be a decorative element for your photography studio, a great paperweight if the print on smaller or simply a great and inspiring starting point for us to create a pinhole-shaped reflex.

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Propose a system of 3D printers to build our smart homes in less than a day

3D printing

Surely many of you know or have heard of 3D printers. They are those that let you play small objects, many of them downloadable from the Internet, by superimposing thin layers of plastic materials or synthetic resins.

It is a technology with a great future in the domestic and professional sector, but what if the next level?, and if possible use the same principles of operation for the construction of houses and buildings actual size?

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Mobile and 3D printing – What you can print for your phone?

3D Printing

3D printing technology is going strong. Although some of the techniques were developed in the 80s and are used industrially for a long time, the first domestic 3D printers are relatively new, so we have even just leaning out of a universe that sets before us a virtually infinite possibilities. So anyone who decides to get one of them you can make in your own home a huge range of parts in materials such as ABS plastic or PLA, a biodegradable polymer hard enough.

Precisely, this is what really makes this technology attractive the possibility of making virtually any object we imagine ourselves, or use as a model parts we find on the Internet. The possibilities are endless decorative figurines, home accessories, toys, shoes, cases for your mobile phone … Yes, even can design and manufacture a sleeve that fits like a glove to our smartphone, among many other applications. Let’s look at this technology.

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