Commercial decoration – Textile Printing

Commercial decoration - Textile Printing

Direct printing on textile is mainly used for commercial decoration for the features offered by this material also can be used to backlight (light boxes for textile).

Commercial decoration - Textile PrintingNot heavy, can be tensioned, has a high print quality, the inks are outside so bear light if put on display, is easy to transport, being textile can be made and can make graphs of large formats only one piece.

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How to prepare my files for printing billboards?

How to prepare my files for printing billboards

There are different types of advertising and materials used for the same fences.

In this case we will talk about the typical  billboards we see on the roads.

Depending on the time you want the graph to be present in the billboard will use one material or another, for example, if the campaign lasts a month, you will use  paper and whether it should stay six months can use  adhesive vinyl.

How to prepare my files for printing billboardsHow do I prepare the files?

It is best to prepare them to 1/1 scale.

But being large format  file can be scaled, for example half, a quarter or whatever size by extending us the final size but  always proportional.

The file can be vector, in this case the texts must be drawn.

In case of image, expand it to its final format, the resolution will have to give between 100 and 150 dpi

The texts should not be along the edges, it is advisable to leave some distance you should keep in mind that the graphics will be seen from a great distance.

One trick to see how it will in the distance is just on your computer, use the zoom and zoom out, so we can see small and get a rough idea.


Size:  1/1 (or proportional) scale.

Bleeding:  + 1 mm (when the scale is 1/1).

Cutmarks:  should not exist.

File: PDF

Resolution: The ideal solution for large image files format resolution is between  100 and 150 dpi

Paneling:  We handle the overlap and paneling, cutting pieces by software.

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How to prepare my files for printing magazines, newsletter, magazine easily?

How to prepare my files for printing magazines, newsletter, magazine easily

We must remember something very important when designing a magazine, newsletter, magazine and the pages should always be multiples of four.

Why pages should be multiples of four?

Very simple, do this simple test, take a sheet of paper (horizontal) landscape format and fold in half. Has now few pages we have: 4 (= 1 sheet)

We must think about the front, back and inside pages.

We can prepare our magazine with 4, 8, 12 … pages.

If you do not have information and design for all pages you can always leave a blank page in a strategic location as on the second page (it would be behind the cover) or on the penultimate page (it would be the front cover).

How to prepare my files for printing magazines, newsletter, magazine easilyHow do I design it without a mistake?

A simple trick is to take sheets of paper and divide in half. If we are to make a publication of 12 pages, then we use 3 sheets of paper divided in half.

And we can go hand-writing or drawing a review of what goes on every page, that way is very visual.

Of course there are other methods, but both those Iniciais you as even many skilled people, use this way of working.

How to deliver files for printing?

Pages should be ordered: 1, 2, 3 … even if there is a blank, it must be included and in the correct position.

It must be in the same way you read it on-screen in an orderly manner.

We take care to place the pages so that once printed out in the correct order according to the specifications (compose), but that you do not have to worry you. We have specific software for it.

The file must be a PDF, with the drawn fonts and images with sufficient quality (desirable: 300 dpi at 1/1 scale). All pages must be the same size. No marks.

In the case that image or text go to blood, then all pages must have the same blood and size, indicating the printer millimeters that have left blood (2 mm., 3 mm, 4 mm …). This serves to cut the excess paper and magazine images look around without any white thread.

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Print magazines from a single unit

Print magazines from a single unit
We often think that when print magazines only do professionals and companies making large print runs.
Indeed it is what most usually do, but digital printing of magazines is available to everyone , because we can print from a single unit.
That is why many people charge us more and shorter runs.
Print magazines from a single unitWhat for magazine printing is used in short runs?
Curriculum, Book, Portfolio, Fanzine, catalogs, books Mass, newsletter, projects, final projects, company presentations, product catalog, school magazines, personal, comic books, poetry, illustration, studios, price list, school work …
How do I prepare the file to print a magazine?
It’s simple, forget about riding the leaves or transpose, or if the blade 3 has to go with the 6 NOTHING!
That you prepare a PDF to print size with its neat as any document leaves, 1, 2, 3, … That if you have to be multiples of 4. And if you want a page is blank, us you add also in place.
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Online Digital Photo Printing

Online Digital Photo Printing

Computerized photograph printing is the methodology of advancing advanced photographs into prints. Online advanced printing first transfers pictures to a photograph administration supplier’s site. Prints are requested expressing your inclination. Online printers use gigantic expert photograph printers, for example Fuji Frontier Digital Minicab or machines of comparable sort. A generally new procedure of improving prints is regarded as icicle printing; this is an amazing shade correct approach to advance advanced prints. The prints are in a split second conveyed through message. Transporting expenses are charged if conveyed by different means.

As computerized printers are shabbier, printing might be carried out at home utilizing a printer of your own decision yet could be very costly. Online Digital Photo Printing is a practical elective. Internet printing is speedier, solid and free from dangers.

Online Digital Photo Printing


Keeping in mind the end goal to improve prints, the greater part of the online print administration’s use high caliber Kodak paper or similar paper. For countless, it is better to go utilize a high-velocity Internet association, for example a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line.) That way, you won’t use throughout the day strolling around your PC while your photograph records transfer.

These days, Online Digital Photo Printing is coming to be more notorious. The development in innovation and the wide utilization of the Internet have made numerous enhancements in the printing methods. There are various online print administrations. Situated in San Francisco, Snapfish is a standout amongst the most generally utilized destinations, and Shutterfly, Kodak Easyshare Gallery, Agfanet, Ez Prints, and are a percentage of the other prevalent print administrations. For more visit

The Blacksmith Genesis is a photocopier real objects

3D Printer

For the creators of Genesis Blacksmith, 3D printing has a major bottleneck: create the object you want to play. True, there are 3D scanners, but they have gone a step further and have taken to get funding (and have succeeded) to put a closed solution in the market. The closest thing to a copy of objects in three dimensions that exist.

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3D Printing Technology SLA: Stereolithography


This technique was invented by Charles Hull in 1984 and consists of using an ultraviolet laser beam to cure a photo polymer, that is, stiff a polymer light-sensitive. A platform submerged in a reservoir is capable of moving vertically and the UV ray is drawn on a thin layer, the build section. The tour hardens into solid materials. Below the lower platform, leaving another layer to the next section.

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Stratasys 3D printer Launches New Dental Objet500 Selection

3D Printer


The long list of 3D printing applications in the dental medical industry continues to grow and Stratasys is at the forefront of the latest technology in this sector extremely realistic 3D printing and accurate color models of teeth and gums for use in training, test implants, diagnostics, etc.

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Formlabs announces its new 3D printer Form 2 and five new international distribution agreements

3D Printer


The company Formlabs, based in Massachusetts, is having a great demand for its technology, which has joined with several retailers selling 3D printers and service centers 3D printing in several key international regions, including Israel, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.

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Olivetti presents its first 3D printer

3D printer

Olivetti is a manufacturer of electronic office products and very famous especially for its legendary Italian company typewriter.

Not to be outdone, Olivetti has also decided to enter the world of 3D printing and recently announced the development of its own 3D printer High quality, 100% made ​​in Italy, including software. The printer has been baptized with the name of 3D S2 and is aimed specifically at small and medium businesses undoubtedly they will be attracted by your brand.

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