“The fruit can customize”: Prints and creates new fruit, Fruit 3D Printer

3d printing

Revolution 3D printing is beginning to materialize with interesting projects and applications such as printing of food or, for example, makeup.

Today we speak of the printer presented in TechFoodHack by the English company dovetailed, Fruit 3D Printer, which promises to create 3D using edible fruit juice.

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New Matter Mod-T, low-cost 3D printer: $ 199

3d Printing

3D printers have spent several years in headlines and catalogs professional but not until now that are starting to hit the market, the final consumer.

An example is the case of New Matter Mod-T, a 3D printer that will cost $ 249. In fact, the company is seeking financing via indiegogo and has offered a limited number of units at $ 149 and $ 199 for the first to support the project.

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If you put a Christmas tree at home, to be one printed in 3D lint

3D Printer

At this time sure many of you will have the Christmas tree installed at home. If not your case, and I like this time, we suggest that if you have a 3D printer download one tridimensonal model and if you follow the advice of Richard Zhang will succeed in doing so taking advantage of the filament coil to the maximum without throwing a single gram plastic trash.

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This is the 3D printer we were expecting a printer ice cream

3d printer

Ice cream, food most not very healthy but perfect for summer cases. Who does not want a rich, cold ice cream on a summer afternoon? But it is not cornet or industrial manufacturing. An icy “printed” with a 3D printer is possible, as long as you’re in Massachusetts and colleague of one of the three MIT students who created the invention.

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Autodesk Ember is your first 3D printer, because not everything was going to be AutoCAD

3d Printer

They had announced in May, then with information in dribs and drabs. Autodesk now presents its 3D printer, the Ember 3D Printer that becomes part of their ‘Spark’ program, its range of services and devices dedicated to 3D printing.

Spark is what we already knew: A platform that is open and available to all manufacturers and developers who wish to use, and which aims to unify and standardize the world of 3D printing into one Ember 3D is the first product, your first printer in this business and that obviously follows the ideology of Spark.

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